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Everybody Likes Pie

I've been asking this a lot, and rarely get an "I don't". Who doesn't like pie? 99.9% of people in this world love pie. Now I've met people who say they're not too fond of pie, but that's only because they hadn't had a real, fresh out of the oven, pie before. If anyone caught Jimmy Kimmel last night there was a mention of pie. I happened to be at the taping for the live performance of Them Crooked Vultures which was rocktastic. Here's the interview clip of Kimmel with Nathan Fillion last night. Fillion's reaction, and how quickly the mention moves from cake to pie is great.

Pie mention is just after 2 mins, but the whole thing's enjoyable.

And because they're amazing (and probably pie fans),
Them Crooked Vultures!

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