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You want a birthday pie?

Creed: I hate Devil's Food

Jim Halpert: Well I think Meredith—

Creed: Screw Meredith! I don't think it's fair to let someone else pick the cake on my birthday.

Jim Halpert: Everybody's birthday.

Creed: Today is actually my birthday and I wanna pick the cake.

Jim Halpert: What do you want?

Creed: Pie. Peach pie.

Jim Halpert: You want a birthday pie?

Creed: I want a nice cobbler.

Jim Halpert: Well I'll talk to Angela and we're gonna see what we can do about a pie.

Creed: I don't care who you talk to just make it happen.

Jim Halpert: It'll be Angela.

Creed: Tell her it's for Creed. She'll know what that means.

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